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Uc Update : A must read for ladies, "how to chat online and reduce boring chat " - D J Ching

Good morning fellow Unibenites, Hope yall slept well, well I have news for yall, especially for those who have friends (particularly girls) who don't find it easy to chat online. Well I hooked up with UNIBEN FIRST CHOICE DJ, whose name is SOFT DJ CHING, and he shared some suggestion on how girls should foster a good conversation online to boast friendships and other relationship,

These suggestions are outlined below

Girls, let me teach you how to chat:
1. Always be appreciative when a guy tries
to make you laugh. One of the major chat
killer is when you have a low sense of
humour, how you response to a joke goes a long way in making the chat interesting. Its so annoying when I crack a very funny joke to a girl and all she could reply is "lol" or "smiles".... So annoying.
2. One other chat killer is when you lack
continuity, its not nice to be using a mono- syllabic mode of chatting. Some girls will be the first to inbox you...for example;
Girl: Hey
Guy: hello how are u?
Girl: fine.
Guy: how was ur day?
Girl: Kul.
Haba...Atleast have the decency to ask how
his own day went na. i.e
Guy: how was ur day?
Girl: Kul, and urs?

If you don't know, that's what keeps a
conversation going.
3. When someone deliberately exaggerates, please flow along with him, he's just trying to be funny. Don't give a dry response. For example;
Guy: what are you doing now?
Girl: eating
Guy: ok should I come and join you?
Girl: mtchww...me that stays in Lagos, so I
should stop eating and wait for you to come
from Abuja right? Mumu, he was just joking!
4. Please if you know you're busy with something, then don't come online. Stop replying a message after 9hrs or even days. Some will just leave when the chat is getting interesting without saying bye, they will just leave you waiting for their replies
5. Its a conversation and not an interview. Ask questions too. Don't make him to be asking all the questions.
6. Nowhere in the Bible or Quran or the constitution that a guy should be the one to always start a chat, learn to also start a conversation too.
7. Stop asking for recharge cards through a chat, believe me it makes a chat BORING.

Courtesy : #Soft Dj Ching ( Uniben First Choice Disc Jockey)
For Bookings: Contact him using
- 08103978814

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