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Songwritter Nel And Life (SNAL) - Episode 1 ( Thanking God )


How you today? Hope u slept nice and amazing? If u did, please smile but if u say u didn't, smile still.
Welcome to the First Episode of Songwritter Nel And Life (SNAL) a medium put in place for me to take you through my everyday adventure, its going to be embedded with true life events, life characters, etc. Might be nice, it might be ugly and it might get dirty.

SNAL, is a medium put in place for people to learn and equipped their self with everyday mystery, using my life as a mirror of reflection to other, you however might not find pleasure reading this or you might.
With this I welcome you to the first episode of SNAL. Episode 1

SNAL. Episode 1 (Tell Someone About Jesus Christ)

Today I am going to tell you about an event that occurred recently, just as I remember and as far as my memory takes me.
28th Monday march, the sky was covered with fair clouds, the weather was calm, the sun was at the right spot. (Well lemme skip the weather talk).
On this faithful day I got up early, cause I had to settle some house chores, I swept, and did a lot and by the time I was done it was already 7:30am. So I took my bath, though however knowing that my school (uniben) that was however stated to resume today was shifted due to the public holiday (easter monday).
I dressed up having nowhere to go, but I knew I had to go somewhere, finally I thought it would be nice to head to the MAGIC studio and chill off, but that was probably a fail thought cause I had little or no money to take me there safely and back.
while still thinking on where to go, I remembered that my good friend who studies in AAU was around for the easter holiday, so I felt it was nice to hang out with him, so I fully packed my bag, chargers and ear-piece and head to his house which was nearby.
Getting to his house, he was lying on his rug, it was real good seeing his face again (don't mind me, he's cute), we had a little chat and later told me to escort him to his elder sister's house, first, I was tired of the long journey but to escape boredom, I said okay.
On getting to his elder sister's house, there was lots of pleasantries, he got busy with his sister with the chat and started playing with her kids, ( guess it was long time he saw them), but then I wasn't really concentrating on what he was doing, cause I was watching a movie on his phone I couldn't risk to blink an eye for, (Movie title - Absolutely Anything )
After Some time, he came out with a plate of rice, and at that point I was hungry for real.
We could eat inside mainly because of the heat I guess, so he suggested we take it outside, His sister had two beautiful daughters, and they joined us with their own plates outside. Few seconds later his sister came out with two mineral, apparently for us to cool it down, and went inside to get pure water for the kids. While she was gone, So we were set to start eating, and my friend (Osas) said on a lighter note that the kids should pray and I chipped in and ask him if he regularly pray before eating, he said No, and we both cracked jokes about it.
While we were already eating, his sister came out to feed the two beautiful queen, but before she started feeding them. She sang a song (maybe apparently because, the kids don't normally eat much, and she had to persuade them, or give em a reason to eat)
The song goes thus
"Some have food but cannot eat
Some can eat but have no food
We have food and we can eat. . .
Didn't hear the end, cause the first two lines already had me thinking, how much that little song could tell.
So I felt it was nice to share my thoughts with you, the questions that came to me
What was the last time you thanked God before eating,
The last time you said God thank you when you woke up from bed.
I mean I know 80percent would pray to God before any exam but how many still remember to say thank you Lord after the exam? I bet the percentage reduced.
This might be because we all feel its normal, then come up with excuses not to feel any guilt.
I am guity of everything above, but I pray God gives me the grace to change cause I am willing to.
I therefore want to use this medium to urge you all to always Thank God in all situations, no matter how bad it is, find that very positive angle about it and thank God.
Not because of anything else, but because he's a Living God.

So please Thank God Today,
Thank God tomorrow, and everyday.
Thank you-
Songwritter nel

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