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Hot Gist: Twitter User and Student, Amanda Shares Stories of Harassment and acts in campus within 72hours [See Tweets]

How safe can we mutually be? A question posed as we read through the tweets of a student by name Amanda,
who shared her experience and act she encountered with a cab man.

See Tweets

Read  Her tweets below

So I'll share my stories of harassment and really disgusting acts by hegoats in your school (Uniben) within 72 hours🤦🏾‍♀
So this idiot called himself a cabdriver and I boarded his cab around 7:00pm to main gate. Sha he started by using his phone and leaving the steering wheel. I was really scared at that time and I told him "Oga, small small o" or something. Then he looked>>>>
seductively and also looked like he was threatening me to keep quiet and I got more scared. Well, he finally got his hands on the steering wheel again and I was muttering prayers lol. Note that we were at Student Affairs then and he proceeded to Auditorium>>>
I got scared that he was going to drive towards engineering or computer or somewhere else lol but he didn't. He went towards Main Gate and was like "How far?" with that same look on his face. I was getting really scared at that point. I just kept a straight>>
face and didn't reply and then he left the steering wheel again and started staring w that same look. I was scared for my life so I muttered a reply to him and he continued driving. Well we finally got to the general park and this idiot made sure the car was >
locked and started to touch my thighs. I had to violently struggle and I managed to get out. Lost one of my nails in struggle though 🙂Aside the nail and me being destabilized then, I'm fine🙂Basically, stay safeCabs and all aren't safe here anymore
Then I went for my date lol and this thing at the venue tried to grab me when I was aloneWell, long story short, I took off immediately.Then I met this man just now and he was telling me to give my contact cus he wants to "prophesy" to me lmao. The disgusting thing
said he wanted to prophesy to me lmao. He's right in front of me atmHe looked like he was going to rip me apart with his eyes smhAll in less than 72 hoursI've had worse cases of harassment in this school but I'll keep my piece for nowThanks for reading this far🙂

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