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Gist: Meet Uyi Jace Owie - A Young African Leader that Africa is proud to have (Read Details)


Jace Owie is a Citizen Diplomat, founder of Global Relations Council, a tourism and bilateral entrepreneur, writer, rapper, actor, soul
winner and a lover of God. he is the founder of Council for Citizen Diplomacy, African European American leadership and  Exchange program, Cross Cultural TV, African European Project for self wealth creation, German International Relief Project, lifting Humans Netwrok (New York) Canada African Festival, African European Festival and many more 

Uyi Jace Owie have co-hosted hosted a a thousand march protest in Europe, which attracted top European medias to stop the killings of the Nigerian/black african people in libya and also to increase awareness on the dangers of irregular migration through libya and the Mediterranean sea. 

Years ago jace owie was invited by the United States Government to an official brieffing for the launching of the Young African Leaders Initiative at the US white house, he is one of the former United Nations Youth chapter presidents in west africa, and an international ambassador for peace and culture to one of Africas biggest mornachs   

Jace owie recently Co-lead a thousand march protest in Europe against the killings, slavery and toture of the black African people in Libya, he has also established  series of vulnerable community aid projects to help women and children in poverty alleviation, health and education including other initiatives that are freely helping unemployed youths gain access to self employment and other life changing entrepreneurial skills through series of trainings, information and orientation 

Uyi Jace Owie is also a Government relations Assistant, social doctor, Celebrity Business Coach, Investment and life coach, business start up expert and a Motivational Orator 

Today we celebrate a Great Youth, an exceptional Leader and indeed an African role model 

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