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The Betrayal Of Trust Episode 14

" I caressed her body with my expert touch and arousing our desires. 

"Aah, ooh oooh!" she moaned with pleasure as our tongues fought each other as they battled for supremacy. 
In no time, she cried in pleasure as my middle right finger teased the edge of her kitty wall which is already wet with Kitty fluid. 
Slowly I buried my joy stick into her wet kitty without condom and she started speaking in the language that is hard for me to understand,  but the little I heard clearly was when she said Emmy u are my love, my sweet,  my cucumber,  I love you so much because you know how and where to touch me. 

I know some of you will ask,  are you sure you are okay to slept with her without condom, 
Of course, I knew what I was doing. I was very serious about marrying her and so I saw no need of using protection because she was high with passion as I penetrated and rode her, 
But if she really did noticed, she never showed it. 
Quietly I knacked her, taking it one step at a time while my head rotated with pleasure. 
" Emmy I love you " as she moaned again. 
I smiled with happiness as her word boast my ego which made me feel like a real man. 

The poor girl thought she was making a mistake by being with me and it was my duty to prove her wrong.
 It was also my duty to confront and defend her honour before my town union members. Again it was my duty to convince my people and make them understand and accept her. 
Furthermore, it was my duty to make her happy.

So as you can see I had a big task ahead of me, 
But I pushed everything aside as we enjoyed the rare moment. 
Slowly we rode to a new world, 
A world full of life,  joy and happiness. 

By 4:14pm the next day, I honoured the invitation of my town people as I joined them in the meeting. 
I was the youngest in their midst, almost all the twenty three men present were married, 
Apart from Tony and I. 
They were already seated  waiting for my arrival. 
I greeted everybody, plead a quick apology before dropping a bottle of wine and whisky before them,  they accepted the drink and asked me to seat. 

"We are here to discuss your issues with Tony.

 This is a critical case and the first time we are treating a matter like this. 
We are all brothers, hope I'm speaking well " the union chairman addressed us while everyone chorused, "yes "  

" Now Emeka, tell us why you did a horrible something like this to your brother. 
Why must you take away his fiancee? "
 he asked with concern. 

I stood up, breathed deeply and told them my own version of the story, 
Hitting on the point that I only went after Jenifer after she broke up with Tony. 
The statement that made Tony jump up with anger. 
"Liar" he screamed. 
I shook my head and stared at him. 
"What's your own? 
Didn't you told me you are now marrying Irene since you have broken up with Jennifer. 
I don't understand you " I fired at him, but my words only provoked other members who stood up and shouted at me. 

Some called me he goat, others insulted my late parents which equally provoked me.

" Okay, I now see the reason behind this gathering. This is just a ploy to pour your life frustrations on me. I'm leaving " I shouted angrily, while chief Kelechi Onuoha drew forward and grabbed my shirt. 

Who are you and who do you think you are? 
So you think you can insult elders like us and go Scott free. 
"Listen Mr man,  you are only a little boy who deserves to be taught some lessons. 
You will soon squander everything your dad left for you " let me hear pim from you again
 he barked, raising up his hand as if he want to slap me, but luckily two men held him. 
"You dared to insult us?  
Chai  this is unbelievable. 
I will deal with this boy if he doesn't apologize right now " he threatened while I scoffed.

Chief Kelechi Onuoha was nothing but a rich spare parts dealer, with shops in almost all the major cities. 
He is very rich and influencial but that doesn't stop him from displaying his illiteracy in public. 

He always behave like a tout, even though he was above fifty years. 

" I'm leaving. This meeting has turned into another thing " I hissed and tried to leave but the same chief Kelechi Onuoha tried blocking me again. 
" I will deal with you " he threatened. 
"Not when I deal with you first " I fired back and stormed out of the building with anger. 

I was still shaken and nervous when I got home thirty minutes later, I was even unable to hide my feelings from Jenifer who welcomed me with lively smile. 

"It didn't end well right? " 
she asked as we hugged. 
" I knew it won't end well " she breathed sadly. 

However, nothing extraordinary happened days after the meeting which indeed gave Jenifer and I the peace we badly needed to recover and move on with our lives. 
I was now a one-man squad, alone ranger with no friend or relatives to watch my back in the great city of Benin. 
All I had left was Jenifer, Joe and my gas station but i still looked towards the positive side of life, hoping that with time my sins would be  forgiven by the people I hurt. 

Exactly two week later, precisely on a Saturday,  I took Jenifer to my village for her to at least see some of my uncles and equally know where I came from. 
It really wasn't easy taking her home, knowing fully well that our story was already making headlines in my village. 
Of course Jenifer was scared, but I strongly asked her to be strong. 

"Life is full of right and wrong. You can't survive without fighting. Fight this battle with me dear " I begged on our way to my home town. 
Luckily my uncles and cousins kept their feelings to themselves and received us politely. 
Nobody embarrassed Jenifer but I couldn't help but notice the disdain on their faces. 
We spent a night at my family house before heading to Jennifer's village the next day for a little introduction to her family. 
Her people received us very well, giving me the chance to reveal my intentions to them. 
They all accepted me with open arms and equally asked me to come back with my people anytime I was free for the proper marriage talks, but that was where the big problem lied, how do I convinced my people to follow me. 

My parents weren't alive which inevitably meant I needed the help of my kinsmen who were not please with me. 
Unfortunately, I had to discard and lay aside my fears when we returned to my house in Benin city very late in the evening that fateful day to meet a team of policemen waiting for me. 

I couldn't believe my ears when the officer leading the squad said that they were at my house to question me concerning chief Kelechi Onuoha's disappearance. 
Could you believe I was forcefully dragged to the state police headquarters like a criminal that same night. 

Next episode loading tomorrow.... 

Hmmmmm Emeka's life has not been prodigious since he met Jennifer. It has been from one problem to another. 

Who is this unknown enemy that kidnapped  chief Kelechi Onuoha? 

Hmmm could it be that Tony is the brain behind all these mishap that is befalling Emmy? 


Let me hear your view as regards to this unknown enemy ..
Expect the next episode tomorrow...

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