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The Betrayal Of Trust Episode 13

" Jenifer you are going home with me this moment. We are going home " I said seriously, watching her keenly. 

" I'm not going anywhere with you just leave " she cried. 
"Baby, the past we can't change, but our future we can shape .
C'mon let's go home " I begged softly, drew close and held her hand. 
"No you don't understand anything. We can't be happy together. 

Do you really think you can segregate yourself from your people because of me? 

C'mon your feelings will change in no time. 
Just leave " she cried. 
Her friend and Joe barged into the room that same moment, interrupting us. 

"You better leave sir " her friend said angrily. 
"I'm not leaving without her " I answered defiantly. 
"Let me be "Jenifer begged. 
"it's either you leave with me or I stay here with you "I replied seriously with a drawn face. 

She started at me and saw the desperation in me,  ok fine, let's go but this is kidnapping " she finally murmured with resignation. 
"You don't have to do this now" her friend protested while she shrugged. 
"Don't worry dear, thanks for everything "she replied, forcing out a smile. 

Ten minutes later, we were in my car, speeding back to my house. 
Joe drove the car, while Jenifer and I sat at the back seat. 
"You were very rude to my friend. Your behavior was uncalled for "she complained quietly. 
I smiled and caressed her palm. Honey am sorry for been rude to your friend but
" I had no choice my dear. I was very desperate, 
Your absence nearly made me mad " I confessed. 

"You don't understand. I'm a woman. I have only one life to live. I don't want to make a mistake of choosing a wrong life partner. I don't want to spend the rest of my life regretting marrying a wrong person. 
We are in Africa for Christ sake. 
Marriage is not just only between two people here, but equally between your family and mine. 
Yours won't accept me and the stigma of Tony's issue will forever be there to spoil things. 

Please understand and let me be" she pleaded desperately. 
"You can't convince me to leave you dear. Yes I'm the bad guy, but I have you to live for. I have only you" I said seriously, kissing her hand. 
My phone soon rang, interrupting our discussion. 

The caller turned out to be no other person than the same kinsman who paid me a visit some days back. 
The same man whose words sent Jenifer fleeing for her dear life. 
"we are having a meeting to deliberate
On your problems with Tony tomorrow. 
All the town union members will be there. 
 My house is the venue. Time is 4 pm " he announced, chilling my heart with the information. 

I truly wasn't a strong members of the union but it was something like a family gathering which I had no choice than to respect. I 
Knew they all had ganged up against me to side with Tony whose stand I couldn't really figured out. 
He appeared to be playing the victim game with one hand, striking me with the other hand and covering everything up like a saint. 

"You see what I'm talking about " Jenifer slowly said as if she listened to my phone conversation or knew what was in my mind.... 
Minutes later, we stopped at a small market where we bought some food stuffs before heading to my house with Jennifer. 
Joe left for his house minutes after we got home, leaving Jenifer and I all alone for a much awaited private moment.

"Just relax my love, I will fix up something we can eat in no time " I smiled, desperately trying to please her. 
" hmmm fix something ke? 
You must be kidding right? " 
she laughed and headed to the kitchen while I dutifully followed her. 

"You seriously hurt me bad by running away. It made no sense you know " I complained as we ate hours later. 
She kept quiet, saying nothing. 
"but it's okay, I now have you back and that's all that matters " I continued with a smile. 

"You are not being fair with me. Seriously you are forcing me to be with you without understanding my fears " she complained. 
"Enough dear. I'm tired of hearing the same old complain. I will be your husband and I don't care what people think. 

This is 21st century, every man for himself and I don't care what my kinsmen think about you. 
I will be seeing your people in two weeks time " I announced seriously. 

"For what? " she asked. 
" for marriage talks of course. 
Why waste time when I already have the means and wealth to plan my wedding " I answered, but instead of being excited she stood up and ran to my bedroom as if my words were poison. 

I quickly went after her, my heart throbbing furiously. 
" Jenifer " I called. She sat on my bed and hid her face with her palms. 
"Jenny baby " I called sweetly, sitting beside her. 
"I hope in ten years time you will still remember how you force me to marry you? 
Hope you will still have this kind of strong love and passion towards me then? 
Hope you will still be eager to fight and defend me " she slowly raised up her face. 
Her eyes searched mine, eyes filled with  fear and hope. Eyes filled with passion and want. Such a wondrous soul she was. 

Yes she was so scared, scared of the future, scared of being with me for the rest of her life, scared of being with the man she loved. 
"you need answers to your questions my love, here is your answer "
 I said solemnly, fetched a pocket knife from my reading table and cut a part of my palm, 
Drawing out blood. 
She gasped and looked at me curiously. 
"I swear with my blood that we will forever be one. I make this blood covenant as a pledged " I said slowly licked the spilling blood and kissed her with mouth filled with my blood. 
" we are one my love. Nothing will change it unless death " I swore as we kissed. 

she breathed with delight. 
"oh yes " I replied, kissing her strongly and sending her to high heavens with my super exciting kisses. 
She drew back and fell on my bed while I quickly climbed over her,
My hands expertly working on her hair, shoulder and back. 
I caressed her perfectly, feeling every bit of her body and arousing our desires with my expert touches. 

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Emeka is swimming against the tide,  do you think he will have a sweet sail?

Will Emeka really stand by the oath he took after attending his kinsmen meeting

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