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           Episode 3

Jenifer also isn't helping matters at all, she's been acting so strange lately.
I wanted to discuss many things with you but we can leave it for tomorrow " he said and hung up.

I shrugged, switched on my car engine and drove home.
Tony wasn't a graduate like me. He equally was about two years older than me.
However he made good money when he left the country in his early twenties.
He came back few years later to establish in Benin city.
He had a good number of buses plus properties scattered around the
We both came from the same village which helped in making our friendship very strong.
As I drove home, I thought about him, Jennifer and my plans.

I sure wanted the girl which truly was the highest act of betrayal any man can do to his friend.
But I cared not, hissing as I noticed that my joystick was half erect.
I tried making it go down but it refused.
The little love I play earlier with Jenifer was ringing in my head and truly it was something so sweet to my soul.
I was so close in getting the treasure.
I hissed again, grabbed my phone and called Selena.
A runs girl (prostitute)  I befriended during my final year in the university.
We constantly did favours for each other and that helped in sealing our friendship.

"Emmy how far? " she greeted as she answered my call.
"are you free?" I asked.
"yes oo " she answered.
"Just come over with a friend. Please she should be as beautiful as you are " I said playfully.

"we will be there by 9pm " she answered, laughed and hung up.
I smiled to myself with satisfaction.
There is nothing like spending the night with two experienced bitches....
Selena showed up at exactly 9pm with a very sexy light skinned girl.
Everything about the two ladies were quite explosive.
Their skimpy wears, behaviour, everything.
I was extremely impressed by
What I saw.

"You will be playing double for tonight's show " Selena jokingly said as we shared a bottle of whisky in my bedroom.
"And you got to make me see what I'm paying for " I said and smiled, eyeing her companion.
"she's called Jackie, and she's gonna tear you apart like a
Jaguar " she added, following my
" not only will I tear him apart. I'm gonna eat him raw " Jackie added in support of her friend,
before busting into a sharp laugh which I knew was influenced by the
Hot drink the girls were gulping like water.

"it's show time baby " they suddenly screamed and pulled off their clothes
With same spirit.
Seriously that kind of reckless behavior was one of the main reasons I was unable to have a girlfriend nor
Settle down with any girl.
I was way too rough and spoilt.
The only person I felt real passion for, was Jenifer and she equally was the only person capable of stopping my wayward life.
In a jiffy I was on my bed with two of the most beautiful call girls I have ever seen.
Selena handle my dick while I handled Jackie,
I fondle and caressed her to satisfaction, before having sex with her.
And I felt good doing it.
By the time it got to Selena's turn, I was already tired.
I simply managed a round with her before falling on my bed.
"You girls are wonderful " I murmured and fell asleep.
I spent the next day sleeping and thinking over my life.
I surely needed to feel true love,  a girl I can call my own and a companion, but I was yet to get anyone who suited my fancy apart from

"Jenifer, Jenifer " I breathed her name with a sigh.
Later in the evening, I drove over to Tony's house to discuss the issue he wanted to share with me the previous day,
But I was shocked to see Jenifer with him.
I felt jealous but managed to fake a smile.

"Hey bro,  I'm so happy to see you. Do you know I forgot that Jenifer's birthday is tomorrow,
you got to help me do the planning please.

Forget about the stuff I said yesterday " Tony said excitedly as we shared a bottle of beer.

I looked at Jenifer, she quickly avoided my gaze and looked away.
" God save me from this temptation " I prayed unseriously.

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