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Dear Graduand: 10 Things to Start before your NYSC Service Year (No 9 & 10 is Important)

Dear Graduand: 10 Things to Start before your NYSC Service Year

Hello dear, congratulations on leaving the tertiary institution. It's not easy at all.
Since you are between going for NYSC
and officially getting your degree; there is the tendency to over relax and slack off.

Here are 10 things to start before your service to the nation:

1. START becoming self-aware. Take a SWOT analysis of yourself. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Ask friends about your talents and personality traits they admire in you.
Take personalities tests online. This will save you from becoming an ordinary Tom or Harry.

2. START creating and joining inner circles. No man is an island. Join tribes in line with your talents and passion.
If you have friends who dream big and have vision, create a mastermind group with them. Host physical and online meetings.
Begin developing an inner circle so thick it starts to transform to a sphere of influence.

3. START reading books outside your course. The reading actually never stops. Read self-development books before the culture wears off.
Expand other areas of your intelligence. For Financial intelligence, read The Richest Man in Babylon by George Clason. For Social intelligence, Read How To Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. For Higher intelligence, Read Mastery by Robert Greene.
Start with the basics. 1-2 books a month is not a bad start.

4. START finding a job or building your business. The key is to first cultivate a 9 to 5 mentality. This will help build a strong work ethic and drive away laziness.
I advise you to use one to two month to seek this out. Then settle for a job. You will also need the cash for expenses.

5. START learning a skill. Learn a skill that is relevant and stimulates your passion and curiosity. Begin to learn the art, science and business of the chosen craft.

Let it become a side hustle or even the main hustle as time goes on.
6. START attending events. Go to youth empowerment programs. Have a flair for tech-driven events. That is the future.
Begin to observe how people network with each other. If you are interested in the academic field, keep in touch with your lecturers for upcoming conferences.

7. START volunteering. This is another way to connect. Help people. Assist in organizing events. You never know who you would meet in these events.

8. START following people on social media. Trust me, your time on social media will increase. Channel this energy to finding people who will add value to your life and career path.
Gently stalk their Facebook wall. Follow their tweets. Monitor their Instagram posts. It will really help you to avoid mistakes and never miss opportunities.

9. START building your LinkedIn profile. This is where the professionals often check. There is no need to rush this one.
Just create a LinkedIn account. Fill in your educational qualifications. State your interests. Update as you progress. This will be a time-saver.

10. START searching your name on Google. This is my own way of telling you to start building a personal brand. What will I see if I search your name on Google? Work on that.
Let's head to the top together.
© Zamai Banje, 2018.
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