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Popular Female Rapper and One of the Best to do it in her time, SEYII SALVADOR
has been on the stats for quite a while and going on the low is nowhere near the topic and her agenda as he continues to strives and work for greatness. The Rapper who has currently been working double time for more recognition and improvement for her art recently met with one of the finest Rappers in Nigeria, The OJERE Crooner, DREMO.

The Female Rapper who couldn't hold back to this, shared a pic and a short message on how she met with him, and DREMO had a bit to share as he also showed appreciation with his reaction.

Read Her Story Below and Pictures Below

"I don't know how it really happened, I didn't no I impressed dremo so well. I went for jokers rap battle n I took 2nd place. I felt bad , didn't see a reason to party but out of no where dremo invited me to the VIP n cheered me up, told me how good I was n things I need to improve on. The next day I thanked him for making me feel like a winner and he quickly remember me. My point is not everybody can do this, encourage u even things r not well with you and make you feel like a star of the moment, nothing stops him from looking at the post and move ahead but he liked n commented to show that he supports talent, That's what we should do for each other, it's not by downloading a song n just keep it in your phone; comment , criticise  and most importantly help the person grow as an individual. God bless"

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