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The Critic Circle Review.

A while ago, Fast Rising Entertainer, Singer, Songwriter and Performing Artiste, KING EFEX
who has been overwhelming has shown a lot to prove that the essence of growth is a tool vital and evident in his works.   The singer who dropped his much anticipated single titled, ONLY ONE GOD (An Inspirational Song) has since then been getting applause and accolades from music lovers and listeners.

The Song continues to Rise Daily with more Listeners giving their thoughts about the released single.

We However Listened to this Song and Here is THE CRITIC REVIEW

Artiste: King Efexx
Title: Only One God

This is However A Great Start, Straight to the point and no need for unnecessary fillers or words. Name Introduction and direct to the Verse. Finely Placed I guess, he didn't keep us waiting here.

Hook, Chorus & Verses:
The Hook and Chorus is quite easy, catchy and beautiful, I could not have figured which other way he could have fit it in.
Also the switch between the chorus and verses were quick and was given the right push to keep the rhythm in place, Not far apart.

The Production Credit given to Song Smith, is quite remarkable and definitely was a great advantage in giving this song a soothing piece that would be pleasant to the ears.

Graphics by WACK ZONE
Songwritten by KING EFEXX
Produced by SONGSMITH

The Song is very pleasant  and quite one we can recommend for anyone who is up for an inspirational Song.
Content Filled.
Repeat Worthy.

Extracted Lyrics.

"Me I nor dey fear fear
I just want carry go

They say time wey you dey wait for nor dey wait for you

Na only one time oh

So Respect your hustle, cause your hustle go make way for you,

Na Only One God oh"

The Critic Circle

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