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In a recent conversation with one of the Dir of Social SUG aspirants from university of Benin, EREBOR AKPESIRI, i got to learn a lot about his drive, his personality
and how he thinks. i am quite to know a man just by having him talk and one think i can say about this man is definitely the fact that he has a lot of knowledge of what he wants to be a part of and how he could be of a great help.
Having being inspired in multiple conversations, i requested he sends me an article, he did and this blew my mind. i just couldn't hold to it alone, i was forced to share the ideas of a great man and how he thinks.

Read his Article Below

``We live in a time and age where Art, Creativity and Skill are not only appreciated and regarded as talents but also highly commercialized.
I tell my Dad that the difference between the music of his era and the music of now is commercialization, as most songs and artists back then were more artsy and now most of the songs are highly commercial. Now music is far More than just art or talent. Music is business. The american rap legend JAYZ once rapped "I'm not a Businessman, I'm a 'business' man...." for real tho' music is business.
The music industry globally in the year 2016 made over $15 billion dollars, other innovations and enterprises are also eating off music. This is just music I haven't talked about the ever-evolving world of fashion or the movie sector or the beautiful world of art. These industries make up the glamorous world of Show-business.```

Now let me bring it back home. Its 2018 in Uniben, a school already involved in the social lifestyle. An institution with good social orientation. A lot has been done in the past but I believe we can do more, we've had shows but we're yet to bite into the Apple of show-business. We are yet to put ourselves on the map. We're not there yet and we need to do more.

The question is how can we do more?.

Firstly, I did tell you that our social life lacks export. Having a talk with my brother(House of Sucre) the other day he too complained that our artists lack export. Now in the social world for an artist to grow and expand his products or works should be well exported. Social activities and our artists should not be confined to the four walls of Uniben. These creative social beings should be well exported to the outside world. Even in the real world you see already established artists still tryna expand. Lemme give you a couple examples. Katy Perry touring in China Drake touring in Europe and even WizKid performing at the O2 arena in UK and the Royal Albert Hall in UK. These artists had to travel away from their continent to another to export their works to a larger fan base,
Now we can sell Uniben to the world and a larger society out there. 

Simple strategies could be employed to get the much needed results. Press involvement can never be over emphasized as this is important to success in exporting these talents to the outside world.

Another problem is that of Structure. The right structures to enhance growth has not been properly put in place. Our artists i.e. singers, rappers, painters, designers, dramatists etc, suffer from lack of structure. There's no structure or platform in place to help an artist grow and expand. So in the end these artists peradventure they still find success they prolly still be confined to the four walls of Uniben. Without the proper structure exporting Acts and talents would be cumbersome. 

A lot can be done to help our young growing, talented acts spread out all over the campus. Acts like:
1. Harry Carter
3. A.D.A.M

Have got what it takes to rub shoulders with the best and biggest in the game.

Stylists like:
1. Arex B stitches
2. Lewisa by Sarah
3. Bata by Everest
4. Tinny stitches
5. Faimo Arts

Has what it takes to be recognized as bigger clothing and fashion brands. 
I can't mention all amazing talents and individuals I've come across in this great institution of learning.

Lastly, I believe collectively a lot can be done to help creative individuals to grow. Though a pile of the work rests on the Director of Socials SUG in aiding and helping these talents reach full actualization. I believe the Director of Socials should be very strategic in thinking and planning because unlike other sectors of the school this sector deals with the dreams, sweat and future of so many young persons.

I am EREBOR AKPESIRI, I believe in the never give up spirit of the Nigerian youth. I believe we can be more, I believe we can do more, I say Nigeria is not a country with lazy youths. I believe in the creativity of young people. I'm passionate about the social life of Uniben. I believe its time for us to sell Uniben to the world. I believe our social activities and Acts can be efficiently exported to the outside world.

I see a Social Uniben. One that would generate revenue for the institution and her students.

P.S. sorry did I forget to mention that showbiz is one of the fastest growing and highest money making sector globally. A sector which is controlled and dominated by young people. A sector with very high youth involvement.

A social Uniben is Achievable and attainable.
Let's make Uniben an excellent social brand.



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