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Exclusive: Choice of Accommodation, Off Campus Or Hostel? - See Advantages & Disadvantages By Queen Enkay

In School environment one of the foremost challenge we are faced with is choice of accommodation, the dilemma of staying off campus or within the campus (hostel) 
and this has been seen as one if made wrong can affect not just our academics but social life.
This is a cause we ought to carefully crosscheck while making our decisions and this is why one of the best and prolific writers in University of Benin, Nkechinyere Blessing Okonkwo popularly known as Queen Enkay decided to enlighten the few who are faced with this dilemma, in order to help reduce their stress and help them make a better decision.
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Living in the school hostel: Everything in life has advantages and disadvantages, let's look at the advantages and disadvantages of living in the school hostel.


1.  Constant light
2. Makes you more focused on your academics : Seeing everybody in  your room reading will definitely motivate you to read.
3. Meeting new and interesting people .
4. Learning new things: I have a friend who learnt how to bake in uniben hall 2.
5. More opportunities: for instance if you are into business you will have higher number of customers: My friend who bakes gets more customers than her counterparts off campus.
6. Safe: you can return to your hall anytime without fear.
7. Better chances of coming out with good grades, that's if you are the serious type.
8. Teaches you how to cope with different kinds of people.
9. Constant water supply.


1. Some of the hostels have dirty environment.
2. you can get into trouble if you are the selfish type.
3. There are  certain rules governing each hall, and you are expected to adhere strictly to them.
4. for the ladies with sensitive skins, the rate of infection is very high.
5. If your life standard and discipline is low , your likely to get into trouble as well.
Some persons can easily be influenced by their environment . For you not to be among these group of people, you must know who you are and your worth.

Living off campus


1. Freedom: You are free to do whatever you like in your room, no body will disturb you.
2. Privacy; Its just you, yourself and you..lol. If you don't have food to eat no body will know, you will just drink water and sleep.that's if you stay alone.
3. You have better chances of graduating with good grades if you are the serious type.


1. Insecurity: staying off campus is not really safe because your lodge can be robbed anytime, any day.
2. Lack of constant light:  BDPA light is 3 hours on, 6hours off. sometimes 3hours on, 12 hours off. Ekosodin is worst when it comes to light. Ekosodites forgive me oo.
3. Freedom of movement is restricted;  Off campus hostels have  time for locking their gate, so you must always return on time to avoid being locked outside, except you make friends with the gate man. Walking alone at night is also dangerous .
4. Some lodges lack constant water supply.
5. You can also get into trouble if you don't know your worth and if you are not disciplined enough .

-( This is owned by
Nkechinyere Blessing Okonkwo -
Queen Enkay and published by The Critic Worldwide)

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