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Tcw Update: Poetic Magma - School Is For Lazy Student By Braitluiz.

School Is For Lazy Students
My hurt are like injuries dressed
with salt.
The pangs of my fury is a cast of slut.
Why do we go to school?
Why are we taught like fools?
Six 'ears, I sailed with wet brains ashore.
Behold, four more years I must abhor.
Papa insist, to me a disease.
First in the varsity,my extended family audacity.
Why sit me among racist and feminist?
Why educate me by another man's ignorant destiny?
Then examine my sheen wit by his wayo principle?
Oh please! don't streamline my thought and kill my creativity.
I must find myself a path.
One wholly accepted by my pack.

"Education is mandatory, School is not. Do not get preoccupied with course work and neglect your natural gifts, potentials and eternal purpose"

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