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Twc: Poetic Magma - Happy New Month By Awoh Daniela (A must Read)

It's another time another day another month and it seems gradually we get to the end of this year.

Countdown to your dreams!
Countdown to your vision your future!
I pray that the Lord grant you grace and zeal
The speed to fly to reach the sky.
This month brings you Joy and gladness.
The good of the land you shall eat;
You shall be satisfied in the time of famine.
We have scaled through good and bad times,
Through darkness and woes
We've climbed insurmountable mountains
Passed through rivers and oceans
Yes! We have seen people fall by the way sides; people who gave up on themselves and God!
However we are on the Verge of breaking through; just a little while now and it shall all pass
We cannot therefore give in
Give in to temptations and pleasures that will rub us off our lifetime savings
A little more patience, a little more endurance;
A little more self control; a little more selfdenial and we'll be singing the songs of Joy for we trust God!! too much to give up😊😊
Happy New Month!
Awoh Daniela
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