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U CRITIC OUTLET: FACE OF THE WEEK (FEMALE) - Stella Chinwendu (See her bio)

Check out uniben critic's face of the week, she cute though.
See her bio

Student bio

Full Name : Njoku Stella Chinwendu

Nick name : Star
Faculty / Department : Arts / International Studies and Diplomacy.
Likes :Being honest Reading, and cooking.
Status :  Single
Dislikes :idleness, lies and gossip.

Favorite songs : The power of love by Celine Dion and The only girl in the world by Rihana.
Favorite movie : Africa Magic
Favorite hang out spot in school : Mat-ice
Birth date : 16th March 1993
Social Media Contacts : Star Steco
Shout-out : I want to give a shout out to those that gives me sense of  belonging, the first is my Mum (Mrs Juliana), my Nanny (Rev Sis Maryann Isiguzo), my siblings, my wonderful uncle (Pasch Obioma) and my best friend J.O.O. I love you all forever.
Quote : Your Smile is My Joy
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