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After a long walk, in other to satisfy and clear the motives behind student politics and also the thoughts that revolves around it.
The team of UNIBEN CRITIC PLATFORM that houses SONGWRITER AND YOU lead by Songwriter Nel had a brief interview with a CONFIRMED STUDENT AND POLUTICIAN.

see extract of interview below

Songwriter Nel : May we know you?

Endurance: My name is Imade Osarenoma Endurance, a 300 level student of the Department of Accounting, Faculty of Management Sciences, University of Benin, Benin City.

Songwriter Nel : What is (are) your portfolio(s)?

Endurance: I am the current class representative of my class/parliamentarian (NUASA), a position I am holding since my 100 level. I was the Director of Finance (NUBS), Treasurer (FOSA) and currently the IHAMA of Benin Students (NUBS) and Treasurer (NAESS).

Songwriter Nel : As a student politician how do you assess students'    Unionism/politics in Nigerian institutions?

Endurance: Inane silly, preposterous fatuous, paralytic, absurd and nonsensical. I am maniacally bewildered and flabbergasted how unionism has declined. It is quite exasperating how paradoxically exacerbating and simultaneously hypocritically debilitating unionism has become. It is frisked and vigorously turned inside out, fatally morally flawed; financial impropriety and squandermania is the order of the day.

Songwriter Nel : What are the causes?

Endurance: The compendious causalities for the laconic lacuna in student unionism are greed, self-centeredness, inexperience, sadomasochism, the obsession with materialism, compulsion for a shortcut to affluence, glorification and approbation of ill-gotten wealth etc by the key players, the dramatis personae, political do edger and major dobo the buck which apart from students' unionism has precipitated economic quagmire and squalor, political hullabaloo and bugaboo, social stupor and phantasmagoria and academic lobotomization and putrefaction because whether we like it or not the students/youths of today are the foundation stone on which tomorrow government will be built (I weep for my unborn children).

Songwriter Nel : As an accountant in the making what ways do you think there would be financial transparency in students' unionism?

Endurance: Hmmm, well I think there should be periodic reports of financial activities of the union by the Director of Finance (not just to the parliament but also to the public i.e. students in their entirety). Our supreme honourables too should know that they are in parliament to checkmate the excesses of the executives, anything contrary to that will be shallow and hollow which is homologous and tantamount to a lack of profundity and analytical financial prudence.

Songwriter Nel : Any other advice?

Endurance: Time and time again, we are being reminded that the struggles of our heroes past should not be in vain. It breaks my heart to know that students' unionism is now a shadow of its formal self. Repositioning it therefore with the ideas that birth it may yet be vital in salvaging this great and noble institution that has stood the test of time. The welfare of students should at all times be primary in our quest for true unionism "salus populi est supremalex eso" at the end you can say veni vidi vici i.e I came, I saw and I conquered. Lastly aspirants' aspiration should be backed by inspiration, preparation, action plan and perspiration and not to fulfill their ulterior motives. According to Albert Einstein, innovation only comes to the already prepared minds. Since this is a publication there is a limit to the things I can say.

Songwriter Nel : Describe yourself in six words.

Endurance: A democrat, decent, bold, intelligent, reliable and responsible.

Songwriter Nel : What will you love to be remembered for when you leave Uniben?
Endurance: Someone who has left a print (legacy), an enduring and admirable legacy for posterity to appreciate and adore.

Songwriter Nel : Thanks for your time.

Endurance: It is my pleasure.

(And that's all for now, the team has also promised to meet up with any other politician to better amplify this and help tell us about politics in his views)

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